Reducing the Stigma Attached to Mental Illness

The Merringer Clinic’s blog, SayNoToStigma, poses an interesting question: “can public education reduce the stigma of mental illness?” While we don’t have a definite answer to this question, it is of concern to us at Premier Inpatient, because we want people with psychiatric disorders to get the best treatment possible, and stigmatization of mental health issues tends to stand in the way of this.

The evidence suggests that public education has been somewhat effective in dealing with the negative associations that come with mental disorders. But it is also clear that there is a long way to go before the problem is resolved completely. Although psychiatric conditions are not medical conditions in the same way as cancer or heart disease, they are both health problems, and they are both approached from a medical standpoint and framework.

Our goal as a company is to empower Inpatient Psychiatric facilities to provide the highest quality of care possible, in terms of both medical and psychiatric treatment of patients. And one thing that might help reduce the stigmatization associated with psychiatric treatment, is a better public understanding of how closely related medical and psychiatric problems really are.