Rick H - CEO:
"I have brought Premier to two of the facilities at which I have been a CEO - When I find a solid solution I stick with it."

Susan Y - CEO:
"PIMS has been delivering medicine services to our facility for over 6 years. I consider their physicians and the lead physician they provide, as members of my team, and highly value their expertise - which creates added value to the hospital, and to patient care."

Various Psychiatrists:
1-"Premier has been a significant asset to me and the team - they relieve the pressure that patients' medicine needs can create, and free me up to focus on psychiatric care."

2-"I appreciate having a medical colleague I can consult with, and discuss patient plans."

3-"Premier provides a step above the usual practice of having independent physicians and nurse practitioners because this is their specialty - they deliver a full service and have a vested interest in the operation and success of the hospital and continuity of patient care."

Vicki S - Chief Nursing Officer:
" The premier doctors are a help to us all. We know that patients benefit from specialist medical practitioners on the team, especially if they have medical issues that need management during their stay." 

Other Chief Nursing Officers:
1-"Having a doctor on call 24 hours a day means we have the opportunity to admit patients as quickly as possible."

2-"Our patients see the medical doctors as an integral part of the hospital - and care - they receive."

Atique K, MD - Chief of Medical Staff: 
"We [attending psychiatrists] do not have to spend a lot of time treating co-morbid medical issues. Very positive support... we appreciate them a lot" 

Umar L, MD - Medical Director: 
"Accessible, collaborative care... active participation has directly translated to improved quality of care and outcomes".

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